Maximize Your Ad Revenue

AutoStream is your all-in-one monetization solution that optimizes your website for maximum ad revenue.

Increase Publisher Ad Revenue

FLUX provides you with the tools, information, and insight you need to effortlessly generate more impressions, boost engagement, and optimize your website’s ad revenue.

Simple, Comprehensive Analytics

Our proprietary dashboard provides a complete collection of data, statistics, and rich information in an easily-digestible format so that you can make better-informed decisions to boost your earnings per session.

FLUX Helps Publishers Get Paid

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Time Saved on Ad Operations

Supercharge your website with our tech

FLUX’s full suite of tools make ad revenue optimization easy so that you can maximize your earning potential and focus on creating great content.

Header Bidding

Advertisers bid on your ad slots, earning you 20-30% more revenue for each ad placement over AdSense alone

Ad Unit Refresh

Ad unit refreshing allows you to sell more inventory without increasing ad slots

Ad Layout

Ad layout optimization with the help of AI minimizes invasiveness and improves engagement to boost CTR

Premium Demand

Access to global demand sources help generate effective ad revenue from a wide range of visitors

Dynamic Insertion

Leverage long-form content to increase ad revenue from engaged readers

Expert advice

Access to human-powered support, including recommendations from experts to further optimize your website’s earnings

AutoStream Was Restricted To premium publishers -
It's now available for smaller publishers

Let's Get Started

Step 1 - Schedule a FREE Consultation

We don’t want to just tell you what we can do – we want to show you. 

To get started, an expert will analyze your website and evaluate what kind of earning potential FLUX can unlock for you on top of your existing system.

Step 2 - Integrate AutoStream

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to start earning more ad revenue – even without technical knowledge. 

Within a few days of onboarding, our team will set up AutoStream,
 which can be added to your website with just a single line of code

Step 3 - Watch Your Ad Revenue Grow

FLUX excels at helping publishers to make the most of their ad revenue, so once you’re all set up with AutoStream, you’ll begin to see organic growth in your revenue that proves it is working. Just keep doing what you do best and let FLUX ensure you get paid what you deserve.

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